my yoga journey

My yoga journey

Hi, my name is Yacintha, forever 39 years old and I live in the Netherlands. Do you want a peak in my yoga journey? Please keep reading. I have been practicing yoga for some years and started with Yin yoga. It was my lovely teacher, Yogima who thought me very well how to listen to self, what I needed and to ease the uneasiness with the breath. You can imagine that she became my role-model as a teacher already from the first practice. As a result I knew, one day I wanted that too. Yin is a beautiful yoga practice with long and extended asanas. At that moment this worked very well for my breath work and concentration. In the meantime it helped me curing my intestines and bowel, because I was diagnosed with celiac disease a few years ago. In the end it brought lightness and ease.

The flow was gone

Unfortunately, I had to stop my yoga journey because of my immobile shoulder and my totally ruined abdomen, because of severe endometriosis. I could not find peace anymore as my whole body ached. The energy stopped flowing. But I knew I would come back to the mat one day. In the meantime, I did my journaling, meditation and mindfulness exercises. I started working as a coach teaching all the above in my coaching sessions with all the beautiful clients, I’ve met the past years.

Illness and dis-ease

Apart from yoga I missed dancing. In the previous years I was an amateur ballroom dancer and together with my dancing partner we felt like Ginger and Fred winning all the contests. And then that stopped too. Gone was the joy of feeling free and swaying in my gown. The only thing that stayed was the immense stomachache from the endometriosis and the emptiness of not being able to work out physically. But other journeys awaited me.

Recovery trough yoga

In the fall of last year, I had a surgery where they removed all the endometriosis and my uterus. Gone was the pain, immediately I felt better, and I could feel energy flowing in my belly. Yes, I was in pain from the surgery and needed to heal, but what a difference already. After 5 weeks when the doctor said it was okay, I wanted to go on my yoga journey. But I knew that Yin was still one step to far, as my abdomen needed to heal more. In the meantime, I watched a documentary on Netflix, I am Maris. I watched Maris getting better from her terrible illness and I knew it, this is what I need. Vinyasa yoga, the flow that looks like dancing. The perfect combination for me as a former dancer and yogi and my yoga journey got a boost and a lift.

A flow of energy and light

I started looking for online video’s for beginners and just started my first flow, with Ally Maz. What an energy and light. It all came back and struck me as a surprise. I cried with relief and happiness and all was okay. Again I had that feeling, I wanted to do something with this. Totally unplanned I started my search for an online yoga teacher training, because I didn’t want to wait till post Corona.

I am where I am

And now I am here with MVP, My Vinyasa Practice, doing my 200 hrs YTT Vinyasa yoga. At the moment I am at section 4 at the, in the middle of the Light on Yoga and the Yoga Sutras. To give myself a kick start I am starting a vinyasa yoga challenge on Facebook at February 15. I practice nearly daily and so far Christine Anderson is my favorite teacher. I also meditate or work on self-reflection. As a teacher I practice kindness and connection, to self and my future students, to all that matters, the rest we just let go! My power lies in all my previous experiences and the light that came after. I am where I am and that is totally perfect. Want to join, follow me on Instagram #yogivinyaci, Facebook or check my website.

Namaste yogi VinYaci

This is my first blog in English, which I am writing for my MVP training and blog contest. If you cannot read this but you are interested, please let me know.

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